Allison Wickey

Allison came to 30A in 2007 for the beauty of the beach but are stayed for the soul of this unbelievable, haunting , hidden slice of heaven.

Prior to moving to the Emerald Coast, she was a Muralist and Faux Finish painter in the St. Louis area. Soon after moving here she began experimenting with the same medium, venetian plaster and glazes, in a different way; this time on wooden ‘frames’ instead of walls. After about 10 paintings she arrived at the technique she uses today, a roughly 13 step, 4 day process involving venetian plaster, acrylic paint, glazes, an orbital sander.

Finding her stride as an artist has been a long road and the journey has helped her express her emotions;  a healthy stream out of her subconscious in color and shape.

” I am promoting a way of life that is most natural to humans, involving using your mind and body, tapping into your intuition and untapping outer chatter. Exploring your primal instincts and naturally stretching oneself to be the best you can be in every aspect your life.”